I am a self described Super Nerd
(Super Nerd : [soo-per nurd]
Someone who is intelligent and funny who gets on well sociably (unlike the stereotypical nerd) and is normally good at most they attempt.



Mr. Fox & His Bike

12” x 9” x 9.5”

Sculpey, Apoxie Sculpt, wire, acrylics, fabric, plastic, wood

For the fifth annual Bad Dads show at Spoke Art Gallery, I created a sculpture based on one of my favorite Wes Anderson films, Fantastic Mr. Fox.  See this piece in person Halloween night (where there’s sure to be people dressed up in their best Anderson duds) and throughout the month of November.  To make an inquiry about this sculpture, contact the gallery.




a wild man of the woods; a faun, a satyr or a representation of such a being in heraldry or other decoration.

Etymology: from Late Old English wuduwāsa, also Middle English wodwo.

[Santiago Caruso]



The first one always gets me for all the little details, specially how Link seemingly tried to murder Ganondorf in his sleep.

Reblogging for grumpy dad Ganondorf.

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